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Kent Tree Stump Removal Services

In Kent, WA are you searching for professional stump removal services? Franky’s Excavation is the place to go. Our team at Franky’s Excavation is dedicated in providing top-notch solutions for your stump removal needs with a focus on skillfulness, safety and being environment-friendly while also offering it at an affordable price.


Kent Residential Stump Removal

Our Residential Stump Removal service is capable to remove tree stumps from your property, giving you the confidence of a clean and secure home.

Kent Commercial Stump Removal

For all kinds of commercial properties and businesses, the Commercial Stump Removal service is a great solution. We offer top-notch tree stump removal that will meet your needs.

Kent Stump

Stump Grinding refers to the action of grinding down and getting rid of those tree stumps. It involves utilizing equipment that can grind and remove stumps which go deep below the surface level.


Kent Land

For those who need it, our land clearing service is here to help with both residential and commercial projects. We are ready for taking away trees, brush and debris from the area so that the land can be made ready for your next big project.

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Tree stump removal services at Franky’s Excavation are committed to making safety and customer happiness the top focus. We apply superior methods and tools for getting rid of those stumps, ensuring a landscape that is free from danger or risk. Our group ensures that all tasks are carried out securely, swiftly and at a reasonable cost – matching with what you desire.

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Kent Tree Stump Removal Job Before

Kent Tree Stump Removal Job Before

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Kent Tree Stump Removal Job After

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Stump Removal FAQs

Our team ensures environmentally responsible disposal of stump remnants, using methods that minimize impact on the surrounding landscape.

Absolutely! We provide guidance and services to restore and enhance your property’s aesthetics after stump removal.

We prioritize safe stump extraction techniques, ensuring both the safety of our crew and your property during the removal process.

Yes, our comprehensive stump removal process includes the extraction of stump roots to prevent regrowth and ensure a thorough cleanup.

Yes, we offer professional stump grinding and removal for both residential and commercial landscapes, tailoring our approach to each site’s unique needs.

Post-removal, we focus on soil rehabilitation to ensure the area is ready for new plantings or landscaping projects.

More Information On Residential Stump Removal

Residential stump removal focuses on eliminating tree stumps from home properties, ensuring a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment. This process is essential for landscaping projects, preventing pest infestations, and enhancing the usability of outdoor spaces.

More Information On Commercial Stump Removal

Commercial stump removal involves the professional extraction of tree stumps from business properties, enhancing the site’s appearance and safety. This service is crucial for maintaining clear, usable outdoor spaces in commercial areas. 

More Information On Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a method for removing tree stumps by using a specialized machine to grind the stump and roots into small chips. This process eliminates the stump without the need for excavation, leaving the area ready for landscaping or construction projects.

More Information On Land Clearing

Land clearing involves removing trees, stumps, brush, and other obstacles from a piece of land to prepare it for construction or agricultural use. This process is crucial for creating a clean and level area, ensuring the land is ready for the next steps in development or cultivation.