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Franky’s provides a hassle-free solution for clearing obstacles from your path, transforming even the most unorganized sites into ideal spaces for development. Our professional land-clearing services ensure all essential qualities are met to deliver the perfect fresh start for your property needs.


Lakewood Residential Land Clearing

Our Residential Land Clearing service efficiently removes trees and debris using top-of-the-line equipment, ideal for new construction and landscaping projects.


Lakewood Commercial Land Clearing

Our Commercial Land Clearing service is well-suited for new projects, expansions, or renovations, effectively managing the removal of trees, shrubs, and debris. 


Lakewood Forestry Mulching

Forestry Mulching is an environmentally friendly approach to clearing forestry. It involves cutting, grinding, and spreading vegetation to promote health.


Lakewood Site Preparation

Site Preparation is essential for any project, involving clearing vegetation, debris, and grading the site to ensure it’s ready for construction or landscaping.

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Land Clearing Service Areas

Clearing land requires various methods depending on factors such as soil type, terrain configuration and kind of vegetation occupying the land.

  1. Dozer Land Clearing
  • This technique involves pushing aside trees, boulders and other objects with bulldozers. Heavy machinery operators are in charge of taming the most challenging terrain to easily retrieve debris for excavation or burning.

    2. Hand Crews
  • The method is hand-intensive and is useful when you want to clear small portions or individual plants on an already cleared property that require maintenance. It’s common practice for companies to use this technique on environmental restoration or selective logging sites.

    3. Chemical Removal
  • Often dedicated to larger tracts of land and on a limited budget, chemical removal utilizes herbicides or other chemicals approved by environmental agencies to remove unwanted plants from the lot.

    4. Controlled Burning
  • This method, also called prescribed burnings, involves controlled ignition of debris resulting in its controlled combustion under supervision. It ensures that any seeds left behind won’t take root after significant clearance to avoid regrowth.

    5. Pile and Burn
  • This technique involves piling up all the debris accumulated by bulldozers or chainsaws and then burning it down.

Land clearing services provide numerous benefits for property owners who wish to develop or beautify their land. Some benefits include:

Increased Property Value

  • Clearing your land of unwanted vegetation and debris can increase the value of your property by improving its appearance and making it more appealing to potential buyers.

    Improved Safety:
  • Land clearing can remove hazardous obstacles such as broken branches, stumps, rocks, and other debris that pose a safety risk to pedestrians or vehicles.

    Enhance Soil Quality:
  • Some land clearing techniques involve removing dead trees and other decaying organic matter which can improve the soil quality and even help prevent pests from infesting the area.

    Greater Visibility
  • Land clearing enables better visibility across your property; this is particularly useful when planning construction for utilities such as power lines and water reservoirs.

    Environmental Impact
  • While some view land clearing as an environmentally destructive practice, actually it can improve environmental health by making space for new plants to grow while removing diseased ones that pose a risk to adjacent foliage. 

One of the most significant advantages of using land-clearing services is how cost-effective and efficient they are compared to doing it yourself. 

Proper Equipment

  • Land-clearing experts are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that allows them to perform tasks quickly, efficiently, and safely.

    Skilled Professionals:
  •  Land clearing professionals are trained on the best techniques to use and have worked on many properties similar to yours.

    Reduced Risk of Accidents
  • Without proper training and equipment, land-clearing an area can be dangerous and result in accidents that cause serious injuries or property damage.

    Minimized Waste
  • Professional land-clearing services are well-equipped to discard debris quickly, safely, and according to local waste disposal regulations.

Land clearing services are essential for various reasons, one of which is preparing properties for construction. Construction can be a delicate process that involves numerous factors such as soil, water drainage, and zoning restrictions. Professional land clearing companies such as Franky’s Excavation have the skillset and resources required to ensure that your property is cleared correctly and efficiently.

When preparing a property for construction, it is vital to start with a clean slate. The removal of trees is crucial since they tend to occupy a large area of any property. The roots can grow deep into the soil and interfere with the construction process. Removing rocks and boulders ensures that the soil is leveled.

If you intend to put up a structure in an area with poor drainage, it might be necessary to re-engineer the landscape by elevating some parts of your property. This process is especially important in areas where flooding is common. 

Clearing any potential hazards on the property helps prevent accidents that could lead to liability lawsuits against developers or builders. This can save you time and money in case something goes wrong during construction.

Land Clearing FAQs

Professional brush removal services ensure the safe and efficient clearing of dense vegetation, enhancing the usability and value of your land.

Implementing erosion control solutions is crucial during land clearing to prevent soil degradation and protect water quality.

Forestry mulching is a land-clearing method that grinds vegetation into mulch, offering an eco-friendly way to clear land and improve soil health.

Land development preparation involves clearing, grading, and preparing land for construction or other uses, ensuring a stable and suitable foundation.

Excavator land clearing uses heavy machinery to efficiently remove trees, stumps, and other obstacles, making it ideal for larger and more complex projects.

Yes, habitat restoration can be an aspect of land clearing, aiming to restore ecosystems and promote biodiversity.

Lot clearing and cleaning involve removing vegetation, debris, and other obstructions to make a property clean, safe, and ready for development.

Site prep contractors bring expertise in preparing land for construction, ensuring compliance with regulations, and avoiding potential issues.

Urban land redevelopment often requires more precise clearing techniques due to space constraints and environmental considerations.

Vegetation management during land clearing includes the strategic removal of plants to control growth, prevent overgrowth, and maintain ecological balance.

More Information On Residential Land Clearing


Residential land clearing is tailored to prepare home properties for new construction, landscaping, or renovation projects. It involves the removal of trees, stumps, underbrush, and other obstacles to create a clean and safe environment. This process is essential for enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of residential spaces, ensuring they are ready for the next step in development or improvement.

More Information On Commercial Land Clearing

Commercial land clearing is designed for business properties, preparing sites for construction, expansion, or landscaping. It involves removing various obstacles, ensuring the land meets commercial project requirements. This service is key to facilitating development and enhancing property value.

More Information On Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is an eco-friendly land clearing method that uses specialized equipment to cut, grind, and clear vegetation, turning trees and underbrush into mulch. This process enhances soil health, reduces erosion, and prepares land for various uses without the need for burning or hauling debris.

More Information On Site Preperation

Site preparation is the initial phase of construction, involving clearing, grading, and leveling the land to create a suitable foundation for building. This process ensures the site is ready for subsequent construction activities, meeting project specifications and regulatory requirements.