About Franky's Excavation

Founder of Franky's Excavation

David Frankov (Franky)

My name is David, but my whole life my family and friends called me Franky. I got married to my middle school sweetheart in 2022 and since then we grew to a family of three with our baby boy. Family and God is my number one priority. Our favorite activity is camping during the summer. In the future I hope to grow my family with more kids as well as my company. When I was 13, I started with a push mower mowing my neighbors lawns for a 20 dollar bill. 

As my lawn mowing business grew I became obsessed with seeing the beautiful transformations in peoples back and front yards. Eventually I wanted to see bigger transformations which led me to start an excavation and demolition business. I focus on being honest and transparent with my clients providing quality work at a competitive price. My goal is to work with you giving you a smooth sailing experience so you too can see a beautiful transformation in your project.