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Our Gig Harbor Sod Removal Services

Franky’s Excavation Washington, is now your go-to for getting rid of old sod for homes and businesses. They use the latest tech to do the job quickly and without harming the environment, making your land ready for any new plans or garden ideas you have.


Gig Harbor Residential Sod Removal

Residential Sod Removes old sod, preparing your property and land for the next big project. This service ensures the clean and thorough removal of sod.


Gig Harbor Commercial Sod Removal

Commercial Sod Removal focuses on the removal of old existing sod, preparing you for the next commercial project. We have a clean sod removal service. 


Gig Harbor Sod Disposal

Sod Disposal is the service that includes transporting the removed sod to designated recycling or composting areas. Sustainable and minimal impact on the environment.


Gig Harbor Turf Removal

Turf Removal service is the process that involves removing the old grass layer and preparing the soil beneath for new sod or seeding, preparing a clean surface for the next project.


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Think of how cool it would be to see a bright, green yard or garden at your place, but instead, you find old, sad grass. Sod removal is like a garden hero, ready to clean up and make room for the garden or lawn of your dreams.

Picture a smooth process that gets rid of the dead grass, making way for a new, green space. It might sound tough, but with experts in sod removal, you’re close to turning your yard into the amazing spot you’ve always wanted. Let’s explore how pro sod removal can change your outdoor area and set the stage for your garden plans.

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Gig Harbor Sod Removal Job Before

Gig Harbor Sod Removal Job Before

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Gig Harbor Sod Removal Job After

Franky's Excavation's
Sod Disposal Service Areas

  • Prepares Ground for New Landscaping: Sod removal clears the way for fresh landscaping projects, ensuring the new plants or grass have a healthy start without competition from old roots.


  • Resolves Lawn Health Issues: By removing old, diseased, or pest-infested sod, you can address underlying soil problems and prevent the spread of issues to new plants.


  • Improves Outdoor Aesthetics: Starting with a clean slate allows for more precise landscaping designs and can significantly enhance the visual appeal of a space.


  • Facilitates Healthy New Growth: Removing old sod makes room for new, healthy sod or other plants to thrive, ensuring a lush, green lawn or garden.


  • Creates a Level and Clean Area: Sod removal helps level the ground, making it easier to work with for any subsequent construction or landscaping projects, and prevents future issues with uneven ground.

Sod removal is when you take out the top layer of grass and its roots from the ground. People do this to get ready for new garden projects, change the grass type, fix lawn problems like bugs or sick grass, or prepare for building something. It’s like making a clean start for the ground so new plants or buildings can go there.

Sod removal methods vary based on the size of the area and the condition of the sod. Common techniques include:


  1. Manual Removal: Using a shovel or a sod cutter to manually cut and roll up the sod. Ideal for small areas.


  1. Mechanical Removal: Employing a powered sod cutter for larger areas, which cuts the sod into strips for easier removal.


  1. Solarization: Cover the area with a clear plastic sheet to heat the soil and kill the sod, making it easier to remove.


  1. Herbicide Application: Using chemicals to kill the sod before physical removal. This method requires caution due to potential environmental impact.


Each method suits different situations, from small, manual jobs to larger, mechanized operations.

Site Assessment: 

  • We begin with a thorough evaluation of your property to understand the scope and requirements of the sod removal.

Planning and Execution: 

  • Utilizing advanced equipment and techniques, we carefully remove the sod, ensuring minimal disturbance to your property.

Disposal and Clean-up: 

  • We handle the eco-friendly disposal of removed sod and leave your site clean and ready for the next step in your landscaping or construction project.

Sod Removal FAQs

  • Start by clearing the area of debris and marking any underground utilities or irrigation systems to avoid damage during the removal process.

We prioritize eco-friendly practices, including recycling or properly disposing of the sod, depending on its condition and local regulations.

Proper sod removal and land preparation can enhance drainage by leveling the ground and removing obstructions.

  • Yes, removing old sod is crucial for a fresh start, ensuring new plantings root properly and the landscape design is realized to its full potential.

Yes, we offer emergency demolition services, prepared to respond promptly and efficiently to urgent demolition requirements.

More Information On Residential Sod Removal

Residential sod removal is a process tailored for home landscapes, involving the removal of existing grass and soil layers. This prepares the ground for new landscaping, gardening, or construction projects, ensuring a clean and level base for homeowners to build upon or redesign their outdoor spaces.

More Information On Commercial Sod Removal

Commercial sod removal involves the strategic clearing of grass and topsoil from business properties, preparing the land for new construction, landscaping, or redevelopment projects. This service is essential for maintaining a professional appearance and functionality of commercial outdoor spaces.

More Information On Sod Disposal

Sod disposal involves the responsible removal and management of old grass and soil layers, ensuring they are dealt with in an environmentally friendly manner. This process is essential after sod removal projects to clear the area and prevent waste accumulation, facilitating recycling or composting where possible.

More Information On Turf Removal

Turf removal involves stripping away existing grass cover, including synthetic or natural turf, to prepare for new landscaping, environmental conservation projects, or to replace old and worn turf with new installations. This process is key in both residential and commercial settings for maintaining functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces.