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Our Excavation Services in Tacoma

Franky’s Excavation in Washington is your top choice for digging and preparing land for both home and business projects in Tacoma, Washington. They’re all about using the newest technology to get the job done efficiently and eco-friendly.

This means your space will be ready for whatever new ideas or garden plans you’ve got in mind. Whether it’s clearing land or digging for construction, they’ve got you covered, making your project’s first steps smooth and hassle-free.

Excavation Services Tacoma, WA

Tacoma Residential Excavation

Specializing in preparing home properties for new developments or enhancements, our residential excavation service ensures safe and precise groundwork, tailored to individual project needs.

Commercial Asphalt Removal WA

Tacoma Commercial Excavation

Our commercial excavation service focuses on preparing business sites for construction and redevelopment, combining expertise and precision to meet commercial standards and project timelines.

Water and Sewer Trench Digging

Tacoma Trench

Essential for utility installations and infrastructure, our trench digging service offers meticulous excavation, ensuring accurate depth and alignment for various projects.

Utility Trenching

Tacoma Utility

Specializing in the safe excavation for utility lines, our utility digging service ensures minimal disruption and adherence to regulations, supporting essential services.

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At Franky’s Excavation, our excavation services are defined by our commitment to safety and client satisfaction. We utilize the latest in equipment and techniques to ensure precise and efficient excavation work, from site preparation to complex land reshaping.

Our team’s professional expertise guarantees that each project is conducted with the utmost care, meeting deadlines and budgets while maintaining safety standards.

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Have full confidence in us. Our team has 10 years of expertise and are the best in Pierce County!


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When you work with Franky’s Excavation, we make sure all of our clients are completely satisfied.

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Excavation FAQs

Yes we specialize in pulling permits for projects such as structure demolition and clearing permits but not limited to that

License # FRANKEL791JE. Yes we are licensed bonded and insured. What safety measures do you implement during excavation projects? We strive for a safe environment, and utilize the latest equipment and tools such as trench boxes, shoring equipment when digging trenches. We also ALWAYS call 811 before we do ANY digging to keep both our employees safe and your property.

Yes we dispose of all our materials at designed dump sites to insure the material isn’t going to the landfill. We strive to recycle all earthly material to the best ability.

Land clearing, demolition, leveling and grading, stump removal, concrete removal, excavation, site prep boat demolition, trailer/manufactured home demolition. Call us at (253) 335-4673

Yes, we offer emergency excavation services, prepared to respond promptly and efficiently to urgent excavation requirements.

We have a combination of 10 years of experience in the dirt work industry.

More Information On Residential Excavation

Residential excavation involves digging and earth-moving services tailored for home construction, landscaping, or renovation projects. This process is crucial for creating a solid foundation, installing underground utilities, or reshaping the landscape to meet the homeowner’s vision and needs.

More Information On Commercial excavation

Commercial excavation is the process of preparing commercial sites for construction and development, involving the removal of soil to set foundations, install utilities, and create proper drainage. This specialized service ensures that commercial projects meet strict regulatory standards and are built on a stable and well-prepared site.

More Information On Trench Digging

Trench digging involves creating narrow excavations in the ground, primarily for installing or repairing underground utilities like water, gas, electric, and sewage lines. This process requires precision and care to avoid damaging existing infrastructure and to ensure the trenches meet the specific needs of the project, whether for residential or commercial purposes.

More Information On Utility digging

Utility digging involves the careful excavation required for the installation, maintenance, or repair of underground utilities. This process is essential for ensuring that services such as water, gas, electricity, and telecommunications are safely and effectively laid out beneath the surface, requiring expertise to avoid disruptions to existing services.